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Support Services

ESI provides 100% comprehensive support for the life of the products it manufactures — from conception, hardware and software engineering, prototyping, advanced manufacturing, and mass production. ESI’s complete aftermarket service reduces the customer’s NPI (new product introduction) time to market, and production scalability cost.

Inventory Management

Inventory management of electronic controls and components is crucial for maintaining the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of electronic manufacturing and distribution processes. ESI manages acquisition, storage, and distribution to ensure you can meet customer demand while minimizing carrying costs and preventing excess stock. We optimize component turnover to mitigate obsolescence risks and facilitate alignment with rapidly evolving technology.

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Product Repair

ESI provides best-in-class warranty and aftermarket service and support for our controls. We also offer repair services on most other fitness and rehabilitation equipment controls.

A technician will conduct comprehensive inspections to diagnose any issues. Once the problem is identified, any faulty components will be repaired or replaced according to ESI’s specifications.

Documentation of the repair process, including replaced parts and work performed, is maintained for accountability. Finally, the product is cleaned, reassembled, and thoroughly tested again before it’s returned to you.

Your products will be restored to optimal performance with minimal downtime.

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